Platters & Boxes

Behold....the perfect party platter....delivered right to your's magic.

Included but not limited to:

-2 to 3 artisan cheese

- Charcuterie variety

- Olives 

- Gourmet crackers

- Roasted nuts

- Honey or Jam

- Fresh & dried fruits

- fresh herbs

The Crudite palm leaf platter is fresh local veggies and your choice of 2 dips, please see the list of dips on the grazing page under add-ons.

_1_delro platter.jpg

Party Platter

Large 8-10 ppl $170

Small 4-6 ppl $130


Specialty Boxes

The party platter ingredients, just scaled down for 2 people & wrapped up in an eco-friendly box!




Variety of fresh vegetables from the local farmers market. Choice of 2 dips